Cotswold Cider Co - 06/11/2018

We’ve got two new awesome hires at The Cotswold Cider Company to announce. Join us in welcoming Jake and Siobhann.

Jake is a Cotswold boy through and through and hails from Cheltenham. He joins us from Orchard Pig which was recently bought by Magners (boo! Another corporate take over…) as lead Business Development Dude Extraordinaire.

Here’s Jake. Strapped to the wing of an aeroplane. Doing a loop-the-loop. Twice. Watch the vid to see it with your own bare eyes.

We won’t go into the whys and wherefores, the point is… look at him. Unflinching. No fear. Cool as a flipping cucumber. No yelling. No screaming. No, “OH MY GOOOOOOD”s. Just a casual, languid lift of the arms to perhaps signal “yeah, that was cool” after the first rotation. We’re not sure he’s even smiling. In truth, we reckon he was bricking it when this was filmed but for us it’s proof that he’s got an awesome poker face and performs well under pressure. Which is why we hired him. In fact, we didn’t even interview him, he just sent us this film.  

Jake is also a keen cricketer and plays for Hatherley and Reddings where he is chairman of selectors. He’s a batsman and his run record is 142. Beat that. 

Jake and Hatherley and Reddings on tour in Sri Lanka earlier this year

 Jake's favourite cider is SweetCheeks

“I love it for the balance… a  light natural fruity start, with a lovely dry finish as the cider takes over the back end”

This is Siobhann, kicking back against a hay bale with a pint of NoBrainer Classic at her local community Apple Day - which is pretty much how she came to work with us.


Siobhann comes from somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia but her Mum was actually born in Cheltenham. She ended up in the Cotswolds by accident, and metaphorically fell into a barrel of cider after getting involved in  Apple Day. She has worked at some of London’s top integrated communications agencies and now heads up Brand & Content at the Cotswold Cider Co. She makes her own cider, is a keen runner and knew all the words to Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton well before the country music revival.  Her favourite cider is NoBrainer Sparkling

"Whilst I do love cider dry, still and straight out of the barrel,  there’s something special about NoBrainer Sparkling. It's got great depth of flavour, and I love the sparkle for a light, clean finish"

Both hires are helping to grow the Cotswold Cider Company which means we can bring more real good cider to the people of Britain and beyond.  Please join us in welcoming Jake and Siobhann to the Cotswold Cider co stable. 


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