SHAPE SHIFTER ginger & lime 4%

Appley. Gingery. Limey. Cloudy. Medium Cider. 4%

A shaman-like cider transforming sensory perceptions into altered states of being. Apple tannins fuse with spikey ginger notes, soothed with the zest of limes into a world of pure cider fantasy, where creatures may appear to shift their physical form...

20 L bag in box. Store in cool place. At least 6 month best before date unopened. Best consumed within 6 weeks of opening. 1 and 2 litre plastic cartons, all with tamper proof fixings - keep cool - best consumed within 3 weeks of delivery.

Specification: Ingredients - natural cider fermented from 100% cider apple juice, water, UK apple juice not from concentrate, sugar, malic acid, SULPHITES, natural whole ginger infusion, whole lime infusion. Gluten Free. Vegan Friendly. Suitable for coeliacs.

Cleverly made, with a marked cidrous character. For such a low ABV it has a really grown-up taste and would be a great alternative to a high alcohol drink" - Phantom Of The Orchard 1%

- Great Taste Judge 2023
Great Taste Judge 2023

The effervescence on the palate is gently pleasing with clear cider apple flavour, sourness, tannicity and astringency in pleasant balance" - No Brainer Dry 4.8%

- Great Taste Judge 2023