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Our World of Real Good Cider

Quirky craft cider – bang full of flavour

Apples are our passion and our calling is to craft full-flavoured cider with bags of character and spirited personality. Only ever fermented from 100% apple juice using English bittersweet cider apples for that true, honest, full-blooded real good cider, without compromise.

We think real cider is so utterly awesome that more people should know about it both in this country… and beyond (there’s no stopping us!)

It’s also about changing perceptions and bringing the noble drink to LIFE too. That’s why like to play around with characters on the bottles, like the furry-faced Ambrose Burnside, founder of the ‘Sideburns’ that real cider lovers just must grow.. And there’s saucy old Maud as well, our Mona Lisa lookalike and doyenne of the SweetCheeks autumn fruits bottle - demure to a fault (not like her more coarse cousins with their trashy sugary-scherbert fruity stuff); she’s better than that…

So hitch-up, clock-off… and enjoy the real cider ride (you’ll be a better person for it)

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