Real vs Fake


*Rant Alert* ..we’ll try to keep it sane, but excuse us if we go off on one - this is when the passion can bubble over. This report might contain flash photography and strobe lighting, so you’ve been warned.

Cutting to the chase, we think customers have the right to know what goes into their cider. If we can just break it to you gently with this summary of what we want to get across, then we’ll get into the detail below…

Real vs Fake

Apples vs Apples

Juice vs Juice

Fermentation vs Fermentation

Final product vs Final product



For too long the good name of cider has been taken in vain by plastic cider mongers foisting processed pish on us - and being allowed to get away with it. We call it the dark arts of cidermaking - where practically anything goes to churn out the minimal cost of production in their nihilistic fight to the bottom on price. And with it, goes the real taste of proper cider, so that we’ve been conditioned to think that sugar-syrup or gagging acid ciders are what it’s meant to taste like. Well, democracy has caught up with you - it’s time to get real.


So let’s kick off with some sober facts about the industry - It’s starts right from the top with big brewer conglomerates lobbying government on the definition of cider - yes, a definition’s needed for HMRC to charge duty (BOO).

Get this, the apple juice content need not be any more than 35% of the liquid for it to be classified as cider - the rest can be made up of ‘permitted additions’ - around 45 of them.

(Cutting to the chase, we think customers have a right to know what goes into their cider (original position)) - wait til we get our campaigning boots on the ground to change this definition and end the great alcopop con. Call the police, there’s been a robbery is what we say, there’s enough ammo to  fill a Panarama Xmas Special (mmm)  in all of this… (cue the strobe lighting) Who’s with us?


And another thing (hic) - the marketing fraudsters are everywhere - taking the easy route and contracting out production for them to stick their own wrapper over it and claiming they’ve ‘produced’ it. You’re getting called out, soul-less chancers.

‘Getting Real’

As you’ve gathered, we’re all about representing the unrivalled cider apple in our ciders - that means not messing around with it and giving it to you straight.

We also want it to be accessible in every way, to cater for different palates and for it to be enjoyed over a whole session, without fear of scrumpy hell rendering you blind (and legless) after just a couple. Call us soft, but we want to remember the good times.  

So, it’s real simple - use hero English cider apple fruit, control the bugs, let it ferment in slooow motion naturally, give it time to mature and you’ve got the real deal in all its mouth watering, sensually stroking glory and goodness - you’ve got real cider.

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