With such an epic array of craft beers and spirits force-feeding our senses, you sometimes get the feeling that cider got left behind, right?

Craft drink explorers are continuing their quest for premium quality ciders that talk the talk and walk the walk with natural ingredients and unadulterated flavours. You’re at the right place if you’re after a change from the ‘same-old’ and you’re on for something different..

What’s different about Cotswold Cider Co ciders?

We’re different because of the natural authentic flavours and quirky contemporary designs that give a ton of personality and playful character to the drinks.

So what?

They give an enhanced cider experience to customers looking for something special, something that helps to set your offering apart and differentiates from your competitors.

What support can you give us?

Experience tells us that staff are keen as mustard to know about our processes and how they can explain it to your customers - that’s why we’re more than happy to arrange staff training and customer events, like Meet the Maker, Tap Takeovers, or Tasting Events. Anything we can do for us to preach the gospel of #realgoodcider! Then there’s the PoS stuff. Sign up for news updates and follow us on twitter for helpful training video content coming soon.

Who do you currently supply?

We’ve had a long run with niche bar and restaurant operators who know their onions, places like Brewdog Bars, Hawksmoor Group, Dishoom, BrewHouse and Kitchen, Harvey Nichols to name a few. You’ll be in good company!

Which wholesalers are you listed with?

We’re registered with a host of national and regional distributors, so drop us a line and if we’re not with who you want us to be with, then they usually take us on. We can get some to you direct in the meantime as it’s more important for us to get the good stuff flowing and we’ll find a way to make supply work for you.

What formats do you offer?

Download the presenter for the full spec on products, formats, style and tasting notes.


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